Become an Associate

We work with an outstanding pool of experts in various fields who are interested and have demonstrated academic and/or practice experience in education, life-long learning and development. Our associates range from freelance researchers and practitioners to those in full-time or part-time employment as well as other firms and organisations. We respect and value the in-depth knowledge and critical expertise that our associates bring to the success of our work and we constantly strive to ensure fair deals for them in all negotiations.

Consider becoming an Associate with us! Get in touch with your CV at admin@edpro.org.uk

Join our Volunteering Scheme

We are keen to support upcoming education and development research and practice enthusiasts to gain useful experience and build their professional expertise. Our wide-ranging projects in various countries offer a space to do this virtually, in-person or through a hybrid approach depending on availability and the needs of our volunteers. For this scheme, we typically prioritise the interests of students and early-career professionals who are looking to gain or improve on work (research or practice) experience. While working in a collaborative team, volunteers would usually understudy a Lead on any relevant assigned projects who will provide a supervisory role.

If you are interested in this volunteering opportunity and for further enquiries, please get in touch at info@edpro.org.uk

Take up an Internship

We offer 3 - 18 months internship programmes on research, project management, training and evaluation depending on availability of spaces. Interns are typically assigned to ongoing projects that align with their areas of interest after undergoing a 3- to 5-day basic induction workshop. Interns will actively work as part of the project team to deliver the terms of reference. They may also take on guided individual problem-solving tasks, develop their own project and manage a team depending on the duration of their internship.